Rob Short

Owner / Manager

I have had a passion for shooting and everything that comes with it behind the scenes since I was a boy. As soon as I was old enough I was out helping my dad on the syndicate he was part of, feeding the birds and doing work around the pens. I got my 1st gun when I was 12 years old, a side by side 4.10. I was out every night after school and weekends costing my parents a fortune in cartridges. I remember my dad taking me out on shoot days when I was young, but not always bringing me back for lunch, leaving me at my flagging post on the previous drive.

As I got older I started to go beating for local commercial shoots and helping out where I could.

My love of the sport has continued to grow and as an adult I enjoy the work involved and the management of land. I enjoy going out loading or beating on various shoots, seeing lots of different ideas and trying them on our shoot.

My rearing venture started with partridges for the syndicate I now co run, I got 30 – 50 surplus day olds from a local partridge farm and reared them in a home made wooden box under a heat lamp. I continued like that for a couple of years until I built my self a veranda, enabling me to increase numbers.

When the possibility to have some ducks for laying arose, I jumped at it. This meant collecting eggs daily, to incubate. I bought a small Brinsea incubator/Hatcher and reared around 100 ducks to put down on my pond.

Then the opportunity to rear the pheasants for our syndicate became available, I bought 2 sheds in 2017 and away I went. After a lot of phone calls to friends in the trade seeking advice and help, begging and borrowing equipment, I finished the 1st year loving the experience and started planning the expansion for the next year straight away and I have never looked back.

I have expanded every year since and look forward to the coming years to see where it takes me.

So there you have it, a face to the name and a brief insight into me and my life and passion for this lifestyle that I am lucky enough to call my job.