Pheasant PoultsLimited Availability£5.40
Mallard Growers£4.50
Partridge Limited Availability£6.00
Melanisitc PoultsLimited Availability£5.40
White PoultsLimited Availability£6.40
Guinea Foul KeetsSold Out
American TurkeysSold Out

Important notes on delivery & game bird welfare

At Burrington Game Farm we pride ourselves on producing good quality pheasant and partridge poults, mallard growers and other game birds. We believe good customer relationships are key. We are proud of our reputation, so in the unlikely event of poults showing signs of stress, on or within 48 hours of delivery please contact us IMMEDIATELY, in this instance Burrington Game Farm will send out our dedicated vet (who conduct onsite visits at least once a week during our season), the vet will have access to all records of medication/diseases the birds may have had during the rearing season.

If the birds start showing any of the following signs: discoloured droppings, lethargy, start wasting food, weight loose or reduced food intake, please do not hesitate to contact Burrington Game Farm for advise or recommendations.

Unless specifically asked to by customers, Burrington Game Farm do not routinely worm poults, this is as per our vets recommendation. The birds to start build up immunity to the wormer, resulting in it being less effective when the customer carries out their worming program in the release pens.

Burrington Game Farm will happily offer any advice required by customers at any stage, whether it be the general health of the birds or a mycoplasma vaccination plan.

Burrington Game Farm recommends at least one feeder and drinker is available per 100 birds, the release pen is dry and offering a mix of open and sheltered areas.

There will be a 5pence per bird charge for wing clipping due to the extra staff and time required when catching.