Ticavin Shoot Terms & Conditions

Terms of agreement: –
In consideration of the payment by the Member to Ticavin Shoot of the price as set out in the shoot tariff Ticavin Shoot will provide driven game shooting on the date specified above.

The deposit, as specified in the tariff is payable at the time of booking with the balance being payable in full prior to or on the day of the shoot.

Inclusive Items
The Price includes the provision of the following: –
(1) All shoot staff including keepers, beaters, pickers up etc. necessary for shooting but not loaders.
(2) Lunch, drinks and associated meals for a maximum of 10 persons per shooting day. Any extra guests over and above this number can be catered for by agreement for an additional charge.

Excluded Items
The Price does not include:-
(1) The provision of guns or cartridges
(2) Gratuities to the Head Keeper
(3) The provision of transport around the shoot
(4) The provision of Loaders
(5) Any other items additional to those specified in “Inclusive Items”

Member’s Acknowledgement
Ticavin Shoot will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the Team have a successful and enjoyable day but does not guarantee the amount of the Bag or the number of cartridges expended and the Member acknowledges that he has no claim against Ticavin Shoot other than as shown in “The Bag” below, if the Bag or cartridges expenditure does not come up to expectation.

Number of Guns
The Team will consist of a maximum of 10 Guns. Use of automatic reloading or pump action shotguns is not permitted and no Gun shall shoot with more than one gun except by prior arrangement and agreement.

Names of Guns
The Member shall provide to Ticavin Shoot the names of the Guns, in writing, not less than two weeks before the day of the shoot. Ticavin Shoot reserves the right to reject any Gun without giving reason.

Shoot Day Organisation
(1) A Ticavin Shoot representative will accompany the Team throughout the day. The direction conduct and organisation of the day and the number and order of the drives shall remain entirely at the absolute discretion of the Ticavin Shoot representative
(2) The Ticavin Shoot representative shall have absolute discretion to stop the shooting or ask any person or persons to leave the shooting field in the event of inappropriate behaviour or dangerous shooting. In such cases no refund will be given.
(3) The day will start at 9.30a.m. The Team shall meet at Ticavin Shoot Lodge no later than 9.00a.m.

(4) The Member will be responsible for ensuring that the Team:-
(a) conduct themselves generally in accordance with proper and traditional sporting standards.
(b) do not shoot low birds ground game or foxes unless otherwise expressly instructed so to do;
(c) use only non-toxic shot when shooting species against which lead shot is prohibited; and
(d) comply with the Code of Good Shooting Practice

The Bag
(1) The Bag (subject to reasonably favourable weather conditions and a reasonable standard of shooting) is expected to be reach the number of birds shown above but no warranty or representation is given in this respect
(2) Should the Team exceed the Bag on the day by more than 5%, a surcharge at £50.00 per bird will apply to each bird shot in excess of the Bag. This surcharge shall be payable by the Member within seven days after the shooting day and shall be over and above the Price. Should the Team not reach a bag within 5% of the total specified for the Bag on the day a refund of £50.00 per bird plus will be deducted from the final payment provided that the Team has not exceeded a shot total of three shots for every bird shown above as the “required number of birds”. Notwithstanding ‘2’ above should the Member indicate to The Ticavin Shoot representative the desire to shoot more birds or to undertake extra drives once the Bag has been reached the 5% leeway shall not apply.

Birds for Guns
If desired each member of the Team will receive free of charge one brace of birds at the end of the day, please confirm with our team on the day.

Shoot Cancellation
(1) The Ticavin Shoot reserves the right to cancel the shoot in the event of there being insufficient birds to produce the Bag in which case all money paid by the Member to The Ticavin Shoot shall be refunded.
(2) The Ticavin Shoot reserves the right to cancel the shoot:-
(a) before shooting begins, in the event of adverse weather conditions, storm damage, flood or heavy snowfall or if for any other reason including but not limited to the activities of demonstrators or saboteurs they consider it is unsafe or impractical to commence or continue shooting; or
(b) if on or before the date of the shoot any government agency shall have banned shooting or the shooting of species which normally comprises the majority of the Bag In such event The Ticavin Shoot may make an appropriate deduction from the Price, or offer an alternative days shooting, but The Ticavin Shoot does not accept any legal responsibility to reimburse the Member in the event of cancellation under this clause. The Member is strongly advised to take out his own insurance policy to cover cancellation.

Cancellation or Non-payment by the Member
In the event of cancellation by the Member Ticavin Shoot may use its reasonable endeavours to re-let the day but without having to incur expense in relation hereto. The Member may introduce an alternative hirer (provided he/she is acceptable to Ticavin Shoot in its sole discretion) but failing re-letting, the Member shall remain liable for the full Price, or any shortfall between the full Price and the sum at which the shooting may be re-let and Ticavin Shoot shall in any event retain the deposit paid.

Each member of the Team shall have in force a current Insurance Policy providing cover for not less than Five Million pounds (£5,000,000.00) sterling in respect of risk of accident, death, injury or damage to himself or herself, any third party, and public liability.

Each member of the Team must have a current Shotgun Certificate.

The Team will tip the Head Keeper according to the Bag and their enjoyment of the day. If in doubt as to the amount to tip the Member should consult Ticavin Shoot representative.

The Member indemnifies Ticavin Shoot against all damage proceedings costs expenses claims and demands arising from the exercise of the rights granted by this Agreement but this provision shall not exclude or limit Ticavin Shoot’s liability for death or injury resulting from Ticavin Shoot own employees or sub-contractors’ negligence.

Burrington Game Farm Terms & Conditions

Burrington Game Farm will issue customer with an order form. Customer to sign and return confirming quantity required, price & agreed delivery week. Once returned Burrington Game Farm will issue deposit invoice and once paid the order will be secured.

A 50% deposit is required on orders & payment must be completed prior to or on delivery of poults.

Deliveries are planned with 7 days notice to the customer. It is the customer/keepers responsibility to postpone delivery if bad weather is expected, Burrington Game Farm will work with customer/keeper to re-arrange delivery date.

In the event that the customer is unable to accept delivery as arranged, Burrington Game Farm will endeavour to re-arrange delivery or re-sell stock at a cost of 15 pence per bird, per week to the customer.

Any health issues with poults within 48 hours of delivery are to be reported to Burrington Game Farm IMMEDIATELY. Burrington Game Farm will send out our dedicated vet at our expense. If Burrington Game Farm is found responsible then we will cover all vet & medication expenses or replace stock if required. If Burrington Game Farm not to be found at fault then customer to incur all related expenses.

Burrington Game Farm holds all records of medications used during rearing which is available upon request.

In the unfortunate event of Burrington Game Farm contracting a notifiable disease, resulting in stock to be culled, or movement restrictions put in place, then Burrington Game Farm will endeavour to refund any deposits paid back to the customer. Burrington Game Farm is not responsible for any loss of revenue from the shoot.

Laying stock will have routine veterinary health checks throughout the laying season to ensure good health of the birds. Due to the nature of the bird, Burrington Game Farm hold no responsibility if ex-layers catch disease due to poor weather or husbandry from the customer post delivery.